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WordPress Plugins: How Many Is Too Many?

WordPress Plugins: How Many Is Too Many?

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As a WordPress user, there are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins you can download to add features to your website. These plugins are sometimes free or offered at a premium price. Plugins also helpful to offer website owners access to third-party services like payment gateways, calendars, and MailChimp. With so many plugins available at a click of a button, it is easy to install several at a time that you might not even need for your website. As we can not ignore the value plugins have brought us, we can not ignore the fact that having too many plugins can actually be damaging to your website.

Too many WordPress plugins will slow your website down.

Did you know that for every plugin you have it sends a message to your server every time someone visits your site? That means if you have 50 plugins and 1,000 visitors at the same time your website speed could drop drastically as it stresses your server resources.

Having too many plugins increases your chances for plugin conflicts.

Believe it or not, plugin conflicts are a common problem among WordPress users. When two plugins are installed that have clashing interest your website could potentially shut down. Sounds scary, right? One way to avoid experiencing a website meltdown is to carefully choose and study the plugins you decide to install. Plugins are developed through coding standards but there are developers who choose not to follow them. Not all plugins are created equally.

There are certain plugins where you will want to use the premium version over the free version.

Even though all plugins may seem valuable, there are many that have security vulnerabilities and could act as a potential threat. Many of these security issues come from the free versions. However, even though premium plugins are not immune to security hacks they are usually supported better by the plugin developers and updated to avoid exploits.

You can minimize plugins if you have a good WordPress developer that can bake functionality directly into your theme.

Using fewer plugins streamlines the overall functionality of your site. By using fewer plugins you will decrease your website security vulnerabilities, increase your website load times and will have less updating to do.
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