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Why your business should have a responsive website

Why your business should have a responsive website


The TechCrunch headline read on August 21, 2014, Majority of Media Consumption Now Takes Place in Mobile Apps. As the appeal of mobile devices continues to increase across the globe, you may find that your current website is being viewed more often from a smartphone than from a PC or laptop. Adjusting your business’s website to fit into the growing trend is in your best interest if you want to give your customers the easiest way to navigate through your products and services.

There are a few different methods to make your website mobile friendly: Responsive design, adaptive design, or designing separate URLs for a standard website and a mobile one.

By building a responsive website, you will notice subtle changes to the way a website is viewed on a mobile device. Content is loaded and rearranged according to the device in which it will be viewed to make it more appealing to the eye and easier for clients to find what they may be researching. Your site will remain the same in terms of URL and HTML and you will only have to make changes in one location for them to carry through to both mobile and PC.

Per their developers’ page, responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern. Having everything all in the same place can make it easier for Googlebot to crawl through your content once rather than multiple times for the same thing. This helps get your website indexed and placed on the Google Search Engine Results Page much more quickly.

Once your website is adjusted to a responsive design, you will find there are no differences in how you update your content. The only difference will be more readability and ease of use by your clients and customers.

If the thought of changing your website isn’t one that appeals to you, Walsh Creative is here to help make the switch as painless and easy as possible. We specialize in building responsive websites and would love to optimize your website’s reach. Call us at our Tinton Falls location at 732-397-5697 to find out how we can fix your website for the mobile world we live in.