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What Publishers Could Be Doing For Online Success

What Publishers Could Be Doing For Online Success

Change is good.

Online publishers are continuously looking for opportunities to increase their loyal readership and of course, generate more revenue. Crafting a strategy for growing and maintaining a hyperlocal news website is not easy so we have listed a few things that you could be doing to increase your online business.

Change is good

Attracting visitors to your website is one thing but how do you keep them coming back? When your business depends on your website users it is important to keep up with the latest WordPress trends and practices. Having a clean design that provides easy navigation and a focus on user experience is preferred by users.

Having modern design matters!  In today's world of mobile dominant traffic the most important point to remember is that mobile responsive website design is mandatory these days. If your website isn’t responsive then that alone is a good enough reason to consider a redesign.

A responsive website adapts to different sized screens and devices to accommodate each visitor. If a visitor accesses your website on their mobile device and has to enlarge and move the screen around to interact with the site it will cause them to lose interest very fast. A responsive design allows all users using different devices to experience the website correctly.

Get your readers to contribute

How much are you willing to give away for free? How will you benefit from giving content away at no cost? Paywalls are not just a sign-up form and a payment gateway. A paywall system allows you to limit access to your content until the user has paid for it. It is a great choice for online publishers that do not take full advantage of advertising.  Paywalls also offer web sites another way to measure and report the analytics of their content beyond the basic views and clicks. There are 2 types of paywalls:

  1. Hard Paywall - Blocks all access to the online content for users without a paid subscription.
  2. Soft Paywall - Offers more flexibility to users without a subscription by allowing limited access to content.

Overall having viewers that are willing to pay a small subscription fee is qualifying the effectiveness of your content and brand.

The experts at Walsh Creative work one-on-one with our clients to formulate business strategies, planning and problem solving to generate loyal readers and new streams of revenue. Our team consists of entrepreneurs, web developers and experienced digital marketing professionals that will exceed your business goals.

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Our Web Publisher PRO program is strategically designed and customized with the following services:  

WordPress Development

  • General website and plugin updates
  • Full service WordPress development
  • Custom coding
  • Rapid response in the event of crashes, hacking and malware
  • Receive monthly activity reports
  • Access to Walsh Creative WordPress team training video vault

Ad Consulting

  • Ad platform assessment
  • Mobile Responsive Ads
  • Make more money with optimal ad placements and functionality

SEO Consulting

  • SEO plans that focus on conversions
  • Monetize your website
  • Optimize your social networks
  • Increase and maintain site speed
  • Receive daily, weekly, or monthly custom reports
  • Yoast Certified experts
  • Google Analytics Certified experts

Reader Contributions

  • Establishing multiple opportunities for your readers to easily make monetary contributions to your organization
  • Paywall setup

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