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What is AMP?

What is AMP?

What is amp

Nothing stays the same in the world of SEO for long. I understand why some are completely overwhelmed by Search Engine Optimization. However, we believe that if you learn and implement the fundamentals of SEO and then keep up with all of the changes each year you can see some serious results!

What is AMP?

Ran by Google, it’s an open source that aims to improve the mobile user experience. The goal of the project is to have web content published in the AMP format to ensure fast delivery for mobile users.

And, it works. Even on slow mobile connections, AMP pages do load quickly. On faster connections, the experience is even more pronounced. You can certainly feel and see the difference.

As AMP pages become more prevalent, you’ll start to see many more of them come up in your search results. Remember, you’ll only see them when using a mobile device.

Google can cache content that is available in AMP which means that the content may be served directly from their networks rather than from your site. Again with a focus on providing the end user with the best browsing experience.

What are the benefits of AMP?

Your website content, when found on a search engine result page will load quickly. Because the content is delivered so quickly on mobile devices, users are likely to stay on your page longer. This is definitely a good thing.

Google does not rank sites that support AMP over those that do not. However, due to Google’s history, this may change in the near future. It is still very important to have your site available responsively so that it works well on mobile. AMP is not a replacement for a mobile responsive website. When a user clicks a link in your AMP content they will then view the rest of your site directly.

How to get started with AMP?

If you’re a Web Publisher Pro member, we can take care of the setup for you. The experts at Walsh Creative have been testing AMP with WordPress and we have tools ready to go for your website. Once the site has been configured for AMP we’ll then monitor your Google webmaster account to ensure that your newly created AMP content is picked up by the search engine!

At Walsh Creative, our website maintenance package, Web Publisher Pro is customized to fit your needs and goals. Web Publisher PRO provides online businesses (just like yours) with monthly WordPress website maintenance, ad consulting, SEO services and charitable campaign consulting. The primary goal of Web Publisher PRO is to help you build a thriving online business that not only produces ROI but a loyal readership as well.