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WalStreet: Your Ad Platform and CMS Managed By Experts


Your Business Depends on Technology

Let Experts Manage That For You

Walsh Creative and Broadstreet Ads have partnered to launch an innovative solution designed to grow your publisher website: WalStreet.

Site outages and missing ad placements are disastrous problems, but many upstart publishers choose to manage their own tech stack to cut costs. Managing it in-house is cheap in the short term, but more expensive and emotionally taxing in the long run.

Walsh Creative has partnered with Broadstreet to provide end-to-end management and hosting of your CMS and adserver so you can focus on what you do best: reporting and writing.

Walstreet includes the following and can be tailored to fit your website’s needs:
  • The Broadstreet XPRESS platform*
  • General website updates
  • Adding and configuring widgets
  • Adding/Fixing/Integrating Broadstreet zones
  • Updating the web site plugins & WordPress platform when updates are released
  • Minimizing plugins used on the site
  • Running a custom image compression script on the site
  • Restoring the site to normal working condition in the event of hacks or crashes
  • Fixing any bugs that may occur due to conflicts with new plugins or updates
  • Monitoring the website security and running Malware scans on the website files
  • Monitoring and preventing attempted WordPress sign-ins to prevent hackers from accessing the site

*Broadstreet XPRESS - the most innovative and powerful platform for Direct Ad Sales. Learn even more about Broadstreet XPRESS here.

Call us at 732-397-5697 for a free consultation to see what we can do for your hyperlocal business. Learn more about how Broadstreet and Walsh Creative work together to help grow hyperlocal news publishers.