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Save time and retain subscribers with Social Login

Save time and retain subscribers with Social Login

Social Login

Social Login - Two of the biggest complaints of internet users are the amount of time it takes to sign up to websites and the amount of spam they receive from these websites once they’ve signed up.  A lot of times, users will skip the login and move on to a different website altogether if the process takes more than a click or two.  And if a user braves the signup process, retaining their subscription may be quick lived after receiving one too many emails that do not pertain to them.

If you are a website owner wondering why you hear crickets instead of incoming subscriber notifications or where your loyal subscribers have gone, we’ve got two words for you: Social Login.  Unless you are savvy to every single new computer term that comes up, you may not know what Social Login really is.  However, you have probably used it on more occasions than you realize.  When signing up for a website subscription or newsletter, sometimes you will be given the choice to input all your information or simply Login with Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites.  That second option is brought to you by the magic of Social Login.

Adding Social Login to your business’s website can help boost initial signups by taking the hassle away from new users.  No longer will they need to type in information that they have already typed in elsewhere. (Redundancy is not a fan favorite.)  Instead, by clicking on the Social Login tab, the website can pull basic information from users’ already established social pages.

The beauty of Social Login doesn’t stop with a website’s initial signup either.  The magic continues throughout the user’s subscription due to the already established link with the user’s social account.  How?

When a website subscriber signs up using the standard way (entering information on a form) the information is given just one time.  Whatever boxes were checked off indicating interests are basically set in stone unless the user later goes back to change them.  With Social Plugin, the users’ interests are updated according to the social account linked with the website.  This helps tailor email distribution to fit subscribers’ ever-changing interests and reduce unwanted correspondence between businesses and consumers.  This is especially helpful for news/publisher websites where subscriber information changes each day.   Check out ,,, and to get a better idea of what Social Plugin would look like on your website.

To find out more about how Social Plugin can help bring your subscriber list to a whole new level and keep your subscriber retention at a steady pace, call Walsh Creative at 732-397-5697.