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See what our clients have to say:

We know that basing your decision to use a company for services can not be solely done on our word alone.  Actual client testimony can really give you a better idea of how a company is run and how they work with clients to complete a job.  Hearing about others’ experiences (especially others within the same genre of business as you) may make or break your decision.  That’s why we wanted to share with you a few of our clients’ experiences as told by them.

In this interview, Walsh Creative asks a few questions of Mary Galioto, Publisher/Editor/Founder of to give you a better idea of her experience.

Before contacting Walsh Creative, was already a very nice website mostly managed in house by Mary’s husband Ryan. However, they found themselves having to contact an expert developer on more than one occasion because of the complexity of some problems that came up.  Uploading images to her server was a headache and hosting problems were causing the site to crash several times.  Mary contacted Walsh Creative to see what we could do for  We fixed the problems and moved to our web host to eliminate all of the issues.

  • WC: What made you choose Walsh Creative for your website?
  • MG: [Walsh Creative was] recommended by Kenny from Broadstreet*.

*Our relationship with Broadstreet Ads brings website advertising to a whole new level using innovative ad designs and tracking.

  • WC: Running a news website must be a very fast paced task. When your website has any issues, it can be difficult to get the news to the people who need it.  Before working with Walsh Creative, how difficult was it to have those issues fixed when they popped up?
  • MG: Impossible
  • WC: Walsh Creative takes pride in their reliability and fast results. How has your experience been so far with Walsh Creative’s reliability?  Do they help as quickly as you would have hoped?
  • MG: Quick response, knowledgeable people, great results.
  • WC: You had some problems with your website crashing prior to placing your hosting with Walsh Creative. Have you had any crashes since?
  • MG: I’ve been really happy with how my website is running**.

** At one point they had a plugin update and it crashed the entire website.  We were able to quickly get it restored with minimal downtime.

  • WC: How easy is it to get in touch with someone at Walsh Creative?
  • MG: Extremely.
  • WC: Do you feel confident that Walsh Creative can complete any task given involving your website?
  • MG: Absolutely.
  • WC: Would you or have you referred Walsh Creative to anyone?
  • MG: I have had many hyperlocals contact me as a reference and I have recommended Walsh Creative to everyone.
  • WC: Do you recommend that other hyperlocal news websites use Walsh Creative to manage their WordPress websites?
  • MG: Yes.
  • WC: Do you have any comments or suggestions you would like to make?
  • MG: Very satisfied. Thanks for all your hard work and great response time.

We really appreciate Mary taking the time to allow us an interview and we are so happy that she wanted to share her positive experience with you.  If you have any questions or would like a quote for services, please contact us at 732-397-5697.