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Introducing Pet Therapeutics’ fresh new website

Introducing Pet Therapeutics’ fresh new website


Walsh Creative’s newest project is one that might make every dog lover smile. Pet Therapeutics was created to help pets have the most comfortable sleep possible regardless of aching muscles or arthritic joints due to age or injury. We wanted to help spread the word online by designing a website for Pet Therapeutics that showcases their products as well as their love for pets.

Pet therapeutics offers a line of different types of sleep pads that correlate with specific healing therapies. The TheraCool©, TheraWarm©, OrthoPetic©, and MagnaPetic© designs come in different sizes with several different accessories available. By adding full color pictures of dogs utilizing these products (one of the dogs is the owner’s pet black lab named Skylar who Pet Therapeutics was designed for), and the option to purchase each product on any device, Walsh Creative designed the site to be as easily accessible as possible.

Pet Therapeutics newly designed website includes links to their social media accounts so you can get more information about products and services through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We included a live feed of their Facebook and Pinterest accounts on the website’s sidebar to give a glimpse of what you will find on their social media pages as well.

Across the top banner, you can also find links to Pet Therapeutics story, a products list, press releases, contact information, and their other business venture Enchanted Home Pet. When entering the Products page, each product is described and pictured with the option to purchase through Enchanted Home Pet’s page.

Pet Therapeutics’ motto is ‘Engineered by comfort. Motivated by Love.’ We kept that in mind when designing their website while also keeping a fresh, clean feel using stark white as a background and bold, vibrant accent colors throughout. We want your business website to reflect your business style as closely as possible. Call Walsh Creative at 732-397-5697 to help bring your style online with a fresh newly designed website.