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Paywalls for Publishers

Paywalls for Publishers

Paywalls for Publishers

How much are you willing to give away for free? How will you benefit from giving content away at no cost? Paywalls are not just a sign-up form and a payment gateway. A paywall system allows you to limit access to your content until the user has paid for it. It is a great choice for online publishers that do not take full advantage of advertising.  Paywalls also offer web sites another way to measure and report the analytics of their content beyond the basic views and clicks.

There are 2 types of paywalls:

  1. Hard Paywall - Blocks all access to the online content for users without a paid subscription.
  2. Soft Paywall - Offers more flexibility to users without a subscription by allowing limited access to content.

The people most likely to pay for a paywall, the dedicated readers, are the ones who are worth the most to you. Newspapers have been finding that the engagement among these subscribers is of a higher quality. After all, people least likely to pay aren’t worth as much to you or your advertisers.

Advertisers get a more engaged audience, which is what they're signing up for in the first place. By requiring paying users to register, papers can also gather more information about their reader, allowing for more targeted, smart advertising. This intelligent advertising is significant at a time when print advertising is the lowest it has been in 60 years.

Behavioral and contextual advertising are becoming more valuable and can be utilized even greater by introducing sub-editions or deeper local coverage that is hyper-targeted. This is the future of advertising and is exactly what advertisers are after.

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