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Online Fundraising: Beginner’s Guide for Publishers

Online Fundraising: Beginner’s Guide for Publishers

Online Fundraising- Beginner's Guide for Publishers

Many online organizations have loyal users that return to their site for upcoming events, latest news and more. If you are offering readers something that will help them every day over a long period of time, there’s a chance they won’t mind throwing you a few dollars every now and again. This is why you should be taking advantage of online fundraising. Not only is at an all-time high, it has become an effective way for online organizations to earn money.

To make the most of your online charitable campaign, you want donating to be as easy as possible. To successfully fundraise online, you must create an online donation campaign that meets the needs of today’s online donors. Here are a few things to consider when reaching out to your audience:

Know your audience

What do your readers respond to the most? Are they more active on social media or through email? If your audience is one that responds more positively to social media, then you might want to try a social media sharing campaign. Social media is a great place to fundraise, so use the power of these platforms to your advantage with a one-day social media sharing event. Choose a day and actively encourage donations and sharing through all your social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. If your audience is more responsive through email, choose one day- a day that possibly has some importance to your organization to help create some buzz.

Responsive web design

Mobile users make up most of today’s internet. Which means 9 out of 10 times your readers and unique visitors are viewing your website on a mobile device rather than a PC computer. Switching to a mobile responsive website will not only increase your loyal readership but it will increase the overall awareness of your fundraising efforts. If your site is in need of a responsive design, contact Walsh Creative. We will help you get on the right path so you can start making some money!

A donate button is a must-have element

Noticeably feature a “Donate” call to action button on every page of your website. Adding a “Donate” button to every page of your website and blog will attract the interest and attention of your readers. The color of the button should be bold and new to ensure that donors can immediately see and click the button.

Tell your story

To boost your online fundraising campaign, tell your story to your readers. As an online organization, you already understand the importance of content and how to attract your readers with what you write. When creating your non-profit story, be honest and real. Here you can give some details about how your organization got started, the mission and inspiration behind your charitable cause, and more.

Getting started

If you feel as if your online fundraising skills need improvement, we can help! Call us today 732-397-5697  or schedule a call to find out more about building your online charitable campaign.