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Now Habersham – Pass It On

Now Habersham – Pass It On

Now Habersham creates a spark with their Pass It On project

Now Habersham Background

“There are times in our lives when we need help and times when we can offer a helping hand to someone else. The way in which we choose to respond, often determines our path.”

After a heart-warming event at the Cornelia McDonalds drive-thru when a woman decided to pay for the meal of the driver behind her which led to a massive pay-it-forward chain, Now Habersham’s Pass It On project was born.  Connecting community members in need with those willing and able to help is the basic premise behind the initiative.  The hope is to spark some good will and bring the community closer together.  The Pass It On project is a collaborative effort between Now Habersham and the McDonalds of Clarkesville and Cornelia.

Walsh Creative’s part in the project

Adding a section to the already established website where users can either submit a need or fill a need in the Pass It On project was easy work for Walsh Creative.  A clickable graphic on Now Habersham’s home page includes information on the project and fill-in fields for submitting your own information (which will be kept confidential).  The submissions can be viewed in the Fill a Need section where community members can choose an opportunity that fits their desire to help.  Every part of the Now Habersham website including the Pass It On project page is fully responsive meaning it can be viewed and utilized from all types of devices.

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Designing websites in full or adding something to your existing site as we did with Now Habersham’s Pass It On project is our specialty.  We can discuss your ideas and help them come to fruition with a new web design.  Call Walsh Creative at 732-397-5697 to get started today.