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Does Your WordPress Website Put Mobile First?

Does Your WordPress Website Put Mobile First?

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Over the past few years it seems that many people are grabbing their mobile devices rather than their PC or laptop to find quick information.  With more and more information available at our fingertips, it only makes sense that using the device that is always on our person is our first choice.  The truth is, it doesn’t just seem that way, it’s actually happening and Google has taken notice. So what is Mobile First?

Back in 2010, Google introduced their “mobile-first” initiative to get ahead of the predictable switch from PC-heavy traffic to a much more mobile based world.  In 2015, Google updated their mobile algorithm to focus on the differences in visibility and rankings of mobile-friendly vs. non-mobile-friendly sites. Later in the year they introduced the term “micro-moments” to describe those quick times when users grab their mobile device for small bits of information specifically falling into the following categories: I want to know, I want to do, I want to buy, and I want to go.

Because the world is changing, Google is now addressing the fact that their ranking system may need to be updated as well to give more accountability to mobile use.  Previously, their indexing system used only the desktop versions of websites even if they were being viewed on mobile devices.  Eventually, their system will make the switch to primarily index mobile sites for ranking.

With these changes in the midst, now is the time to make sure your website is capable of keeping up.  If your website is not yet fully responsive- which means it can be viewed and used from all devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones- you will want to make the change.  It is also important to stay on top of page optimization by removing unnecessary coding and using the right images to increase page speed.

Keeping your website in front of the competition can be a daunting task while also trying to actually run the business.   Walsh Creative specializes in transforming websites into fully-responsive WordPress formats that will conform to all of Google’s indexing changes and help keep the websites high on Google’s indexing radar. Contact us for a consultation at 732-397-5697 to see how your website can be redesigned to bring optimal results for your business.