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Metrics for Publisher

Metrics for Publisher

metrics for publishers

Believe it or not, many publishers monitor all the wrong metrics, and of course, there’s a considerable number of them. In this post you will find out the importance of a few specific metrics that you can use as a way to monitor the performance and success of your web and email activity, allowing you to maximize return from every business decision you make.

Attract new readers with free, high-quality and Google-friendly content

Your success in achieving this goal is measured with a metric we call your Google Visibility Index, which can be as low as 0 and as high as 100. This is the percentage of keywords you are currently being ranked for, versus the number you are attempting to rank for. So if you optimize ten posts for ten keywords, and you get ranked for five, your score would be fifty.

Engagement is the key to retaining audience relationships.

Engage your subscribers with relevant, high-frequency email newsletters that build brand loyalty, revenue, and profitability. The key metric for audience engagement is your email subscriber retention rate. This goal is calculated by measuring the number of email subscribers at the beginning of a period and at the end of the period.

Capture email contact from your website users by making generous offers that include free subscription incentives.

The metric for measuring this goal is called email capture rate or ECR. It is calculated by dividing the number of new email subscribers your subscription website captures each month by the number of unique new visitors passing through your subscription website.

Monetization is the key to financial success.

In the publishing world, there are many discrete revenue streams. Revenue per email subscriber is the one metric that represents all forms of user revenue. The metric is simply calculated by dividing total system revenue by the number of active email subscribers.

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