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Long Tail Keywords and Ranking in Search Results

Long Tail Keywords and Ranking in Search Results

Long Tail Keywords

With SEO techniques changing more rapidly than ever, Walsh Creative focuses on staying up-to-date on different trends and techniques in the industry. In our recent discoveries, we have proven that it is much easier to rank for long tail keywords than for shorter and more common keywords.

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are more specific to the users search and are longer than commonly searched keywords. Long tail keywords get less search traffic, but have a higher conversion rate.

Why use long tail keywords?

In some cases it is harder to rank for certain keywords due to the competition and budgets you are going up against. A lot of larger companies dominate search results because they have high marketing budgets for shorter keywords and phrases. If you have a smaller budget, you should have a clear vision of your product and website while creating your long tail keyword strategy. Focusing on long tail keywords is important because the visitor that finds your website using them is more likely to buy your service or product. The longer and more specific the search terms are, the higher the chances of getting more conversions.

Where should you use long tail keywords?

Using your long tail keywords properly will play an important role in your SEO strategy. The overall goal is to get your website and content ranked for your most important keywords. You want to make sure your content is clearly written so search engines know what terms you want to rank for. Here are the three main areas you should focus on using long term keywords:

  1. Title Tags
  2. Page and Post URL’s
  3. Website Content

Long tail keywords should be used strategically, but they should never be overused. You want to make it very clear to search engines which page you want to rank for which keyword. You don’t want to have multiple pages on your site competing to rank for the same keywords.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and do not know where or how to start your long tail keyword research, contact Walsh Creative today. We will develop a comprehensive SEO plan and partner with your business each month to work towards increasing results in the most important search engines. At Walsh Creative, our goal is to provide peace of mind to our clients by ensuring that their website and on going strategies are being managed and implemented by industry experts.

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