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Keep A Secure WordPress Website

Keep A Secure WordPress Website

Stay Secure.

WordPress is constantly releasing new updates - is your website keeping up? If you are running a “real-time” site, keeping your website updated and maintained is crucial if you want a secure site that attracts more visitors and results.


One of the primary reasons you should keep your website maintained is for security purposes. As security updates become available, hackers seek websites that are not fluent in updating the software on their sites. Not keeping your website secure can cause major issues and the last thing you want is for your visitors to get affected. If your website becomes vulnerable to hackers, you could be facing some serious issues. A few years back it was a lot easier to identify if your website was being compromised. As technology becomes more modernized, hackers have found ways to avoid detection to collect as much information as they can. If website updates are ignored you, your visitors and many others are at risk. All of the hard work that has been put into your site could disappear along with your online reputation and success.

Speaking of security and updates, WordPress came out with 4.7.2 at the end of January 2017. Did you make the switch? According to WordPress, this security release is extremely important and websites are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately.

People who ignore updates are at serious risk. Some fear that updates will shut down their website but the real risk and fear should be toward not updating your site when it is necessary. Ignoring updates can cause more issues down the road so don’t ignore them!

If you think your website is at risk of being hacked contact Walsh Creative immediately. Because we are WordPress experts, Walsh Creative knows exactly what to look for and most importantly, we know how to fix it. Just like everything else in life, your website requires maintenance so why not trust it to the professionals? Walsh Creative will monitor your website regularly and consistently make sure it is secured. Our focus is to keep your site secure, safe and fully functional at all times so you can get the results you are looking for and make the greatest possible ROI on your website.

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