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Jersey Bites a Foodie Website with Attitude

Jersey Bites a Foodie Website with Attitude


Jersey Bites Background

Jersey Bites started in 2007 as a one-woman foodie blog run by NJ resident Deborah Smith.  Her expansive collection of personal recipes on Jersey Bites caught the eyes of local business owners who then started working with Deborah on foodie reviews, event sharing, and more.  Now Jersey Bites has over 30,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter alone and has given Deborah the opportunity to expand even further with her new book the Jersey Shore Cookbook.

Walsh Creative’s new website for Jersey Bites

As it evolved from a simple recipe sharing site to a much larger restaurant and food review site with multiple writers and even more followers, Deb Smith knew Jersey Bites’ website design needed to evolve along with it.  We took Jersey Bites slogan “A Quest for Food with Attitude” and ran with it to make a bold, yet uncomplicated design.  Though Jersey Bites reflects Deborah’s New Jersey roots and highlights New Jersey based foods and events, the website is not strictly for New Jersey followers.  It gives a universal impression that can be enjoyed by everyone.

We chose to showcase the mouthwatering food pictures with a responsive WordPress design that could be easily viewed on all devices.  Adding a carousel to the home page which can be updated with the latest posts gives the website a very up-to-date feel and helps viewers choose where to look next.  Each category is smartly broken down by topic and subtopic tabs to make it very easy to navigate through the Jersey Bites website.  Links to local events are easily accessible through a calendar found under the Events tab.  Information on Jersey Bites contributors and Deborah Smith is also available on the About page.

One of the things we love when working with a client is when they contact us again after working together with second and third projects.  For us, that is the ultimate compliment.  After working with Deborah on Jersey Bites website, we are proud to have also been able to design websites for her other two endeavors: Foxtrot Media LLC and The Jersey Shore Cookbook

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