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Testimonial – Jay Senter of Shawnee Mission Post

Testimonial – Jay Senter of Shawnee Mission Post

Client Testimonial with Jay Senter of Shawnee Mission Post (formerly

As a hyperlocal publisher, I have to wear a lot of hats — but one I was never comfortable wearing was WordPress developer.

Once the site became my full time job, I realized we needed professionals who really knew what they were doing to ensure our site was stable and up to date. Finding Walsh Creative was a huge boon for us. Their maintenance program gives me peace of mind that all of our programming is current and the platform isn't going to crash. And their design and development services have helped us enhance the site, bringing in new readers and advertising opportunities with the addition of new features.

In fact, Walsh Creative just managed the transition of our site from its original URL to a new one without any downtime at all. A migration that would have been a total nightmare for me to handle by myself was totally seamless. Working with Walsh Creative has removed a lot of headaches in managing our site. It's let me step back from managing the tech, and let me focus on the things the publisher should be doing — growing the business.

Jay Senter, Shawnee Mission Post (formerly