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Harbor School New Responsive Website

Harbor School New Responsive Website


We're proud to announce the launch of the new Responsive site for Harbor School

If you have ever contemplated designing your own business website, you may have taken to the internet to find an easy solution to get your website up and running.  You may have found that there are many different website design options available that promise a beautiful site that is easy to design and quite user friendly once it is uploaded to the web.  However, once the site is live you may find that these “easy to use” sites are not as easy to update or change.  You may also find that your self-designed business website does not work well on mobile devices as it may not have been designed as a responsive site.  The good news is that non-responsive sites can be reformatted to make them both responsive and easy to update by employees.

Our latest website project for the Harbor School in Eatontown, NJ came to us with these exact issues.  Not only was the HTML format of the website very difficult to navigate by the original website developers who were in charge of updates, but it was not compatible with most mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

We reformatted the HTML design into a WordPress design to give the website a much more developer friendly interface that is used for updates and changes.  The WordPress interface is as easy to use as Microsoft Word which helps cut time and money needed to constantly hire professional developers.  Now the Harbor School can make their own changes to the site as needed without feeling overwhelmed or struggling through formatting that was quite difficult to maneuver through.

If you love your business website, but are experiencing difficulties making changes or updates, we can help.  Call Walsh Creative at 732-397-5697 for a diagnosis and quote on how to make your website the best it can be.