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Get optimized for Google News

Get optimized for Google News

Get optimized for Google News

What is Google News? Google News aggregates headlines from many news sources (like your website if it is optimized correctly), groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests on their Google News dashboard.

Google News generates 6 billion clicks each month. Imagine if you could receive a small slice of that traffic? Well, you can!  Here is a list of tips that journalists can implement to increase traffic from Google News:

Publish informative and unique content – produce strong original content as opposed to repurposing or duplicating stories. Priority is given to articles that are recent, substantial, original and focused on the topic.

Use proper nouns – Google calls them “original named entities” and they stand for the name of a person, place or organization. If a news source generates a story that contains a named entity that other articles within the same cluster (i.e. on the same topic) do not contain, this may be an indication that the news source is capable of original reporting.

Publish fast & update – Being early, as well as keeping on top of new developments, can increase chances of ranking high in Google News. Minor article tweaks are encouraged and can be done as a developing story update.

Chose your headline – The headline should be indicative of the story you are reporting and contain strong relevant keywords.

First paragraph – The first paragraph of a news article should convey the who, what, when, where, and why of the story in a few sentences (the more detail you can supply, the better).

Click-throughs – An article with a high click-through rate is seen as more relevant.

Use photos – This is very important and often overlooked. Use large images with good aspect ratios. Include descriptive captions and alt text. Place them near the article title.


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