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3 Email Newsletter Best Practices for Publishers

3 Email Newsletter Best Practices for Publishers

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The email newsletter has been around for years and is often a publisher’s largest revenue stream. It is amazing to see the evolution of the email newsletter- how designs changed over the years, how strategies have become more complex and more importantly how brands use it to communicate with their subscribers.  If you want to have your emails delivered, opened and paid attention to, try using these three email newsletter best practices:

#1: Get whitelisted

The first step in developing a great email newsletter marketing routine is to ask your subscribers to whitelist you by adding your email newsletter’s “from” address to their address book. You want to ask them to add your email address to their address book so that they don’t miss a single email. Getting your subscribers to whitelist you will help your email deliverability numbers improve greatly.

Ask them to add your email address to their address book right away: Stress to your users that it’s very important that they add your email address to their address book if they want to receive what they’ve signed up for. Here is an example of what you can send to your new subscribers:

Dear Sandy,

We don’t want you to miss out on any of the Walsh Creative news and offers you requested to receive by email.

However, your email service provider may use filters that prevent you from receiving or properly viewing Walsh Creative emails in your inbox.

To prevent this from happening in the future, please add [email protected] to your address book. Visit for more detailed information.

Thank you, for being a valued user!

There are a couple ways to go about whitelisting an email address or domain. If your subscribers do not know how to whitelist your email address you can send them the instructions below:

  1. Go into your account's Filters and Blocked Addresses settings through the main settings button located on the top right of your email, click the Settings option.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Create a new filter link.
  3. A new window will pop up, type the email address you want to whitelist in the From field.
  4. To whitelist a full email address in Gmail, for example, type something like [email protected].
  5. To whitelist a domain in Gmail, just exclude the account, like This will apply to any email address on the ""domain.
  6. If you don't want to adjust any of the other options for a more specific filter, go ahead and click the link called Create filter with this search >>.
  7. Place a check in the box next to Never send it to Spam.
  8. Click Create a filter to save the changes.

#2: Send consistently

Start sending your emails at the same time on the same days. This will help your audience get familiar with your email schedule. Keep this in mind when creating your email newsletter send schedule.

#3: Make emails easy to use and read

Design an email newsletter that your subscribers will enjoy using. Emails should be responsive, easy to read and navigate. Plain text email templates aren’t as visually stimulating as they once were. Even with the possibility of having images within the email, which will catch the attention of your subscribers.

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