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Clients Talk: Delaware Business Now

Clients Talk: Delaware Business Now

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This testimonial was written by Douglas Rainey of Delaware Business Now -

"If you have a year or two of experience in running a news-based website,  Walsh Creative is the right choice.

My website, has a history going back seven years, but only became a serious enterprise in 2013 when a  hyperlocal publisher built a WordPress news site to replace my bulky freeware effort.

The strategy at the time was to operate a website and newsletter with different identities.

A year or so later,  the media environment in northern Delaware had grown more crowded with the launch of a print-centric business journal with its own bare-bones website.

My response was a single identity under the  Delaware Business Now brand for a website and a business-focused five-day-a-week newsletter.

The old website handled the challenge but was showing its age in the form of slow response times and a dated look.

Walsh Creative understood our niche and developed a site that was inspired by our sea foam and yellow logo. The slider was replaced by a four-story block at the top of the home page.

The result was ideal for a business hyperlocal site -  attractive, functional and all business. The Delaware Business Now website now stands out from the crowd.

On the back end, Walsh Creative eliminated the task of inserting the featured photo at the top of the post. That saves at least a minute per post, no small matter on a site that adds more than 2,000 posts a year.

Another time-saving tool came in posting video within stories.  Instead of toggling back and forth between text and visual modes, a short piece of code does the trick and even grabs a featured photo from the video itself.

All of this is nice, but the true test of a website is traffic growth, speed and the ability to generate revenue. The new Delaware Business Now website has a leg up in all three areas.

While page views were on the rise before the changeover to the Walsh-designed site,  I estimate that traffic is up 10 percent during the week and up to 20  percent on the weekend.

The additional advertising positions that come without annoying pop-ups have generated revenue from Google AdSense with the potential to add even more dollars as local companies take the available spots.

Walsh Creative has a rare skill set in the hyperlocal news world. If your news-based digital enterprise needs an overhaul or a refreshed appearance,  I would check out their website and client websites."

Doug Rainey and Sharon Rainey, Bird Street Media LLC (Delaware Business Now)