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The Clairemont Times new website design focuses on ease of use

The Clairemont Times new website design focuses on ease of use


Clairemont Times Background

The California neighborhoods of Clairemont, Linda Vista, Bay Park, and Kearny Mesa have always had their own unique flair within the San Diego area.  The Clairemont Times was developed as the area’s own hyperlocal newspaper highlighting community news and events.  With a print copy being distributed locally, it only made sense to also develop an online version for people who would also like to read what the Clairemont Times has to offer from their smartphone or PC.

Walsh Creative was asked to redevelop the Clairemont Times website to give it a more user friendly feel allowing readers to quickly view headlines and easily click on the topics of their choice for more information.  The publishers wanted the site to be responsive on every device a reader could use to access the Clairemont Times.  They also wanted to be able to make updates and changes when necessary without worry.  Changing over to a WordPress site on an open CMS platform made the site much easier to access from a developer standpoint and much more pleasing to use from a reader standpoint.

A quick scroll through the Clairemont Times gives you a brief sense of the neighborhoods’ most intriguing topics.  Headers indicating each available section of the website entice readers to delve deeper into topics like local news, entertainment, opinions, and more.  With links to all of the Clairemont Times’ social media outlets, readers can find even more information about local and world news on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Walsh Creative would love to redevelop your business website to assure your readers get the best experience they can from scrolling through each topic.  Call us with any questions or concerns you may have about your current website or the website you want your business to have.  We will give you a quote discussing what Walsh Creative can do to enhance your business with a responsive, user-friendly website designed specifically for you.