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Introducing Walsh Creative’s latest website for CentraState Healthcare System.

Introducing Walsh Creative’s latest website for CentraState Healthcare System.

When given the opportunity to design a recruitment website for CentraState Healthcare System, Walsh Creative was more than prepared and quite happy to answer the call.  Not only are they the fourth largest employer in Monmouth County, NJ, CentraState Healthcare System also serves a population of 360,000 in four counties of central New Jersey.  Walsh Creative (working in partnership with Shore Creative Group) was able to make a visually appealing website for that fills their need to spread the word about employment opportunities.

Designing a job recruitment website for a medical facility like CentraState Healthcare System needs to include a few components that set it apart from other websites.

  • Updatable employment information – Employment opportunities can come quickly as the need for medical personnel and healthcare facility workers is always in high demand. Once a new job is available, it needs to be uploaded quickly so the position can be filled quickly.
  • Interactive, easy to use application forms for a quick turnaround- Potential employees should be able to quickly and efficiently apply for a job with the knowledge that they will receive a reply within a short time frame.

Walsh Creative designed CentraState's healthcare recruitment website with an applicant tracking system (ATS) that can aid in placing the right person in the right job.  Each job posting is given a unique SEO friendly URL based off of the jobs posted.  That way, when someone searches a specific type of job online, the chance of CentraState’s open position being seen is much greater.

Both new hires and employees already working at CentraState Healthcare System can easily find new positions available daily.  Employees will find it much easier to apply for different positions by simply entering their employee number to locate available positions within the company.

In addition to the recruitment specifics on CentraState's website, we also included pages with accreditations, employment events, and social media links where you can find even more information on CentraState’s recruitment process.

If your business involves employee recruitment and you are interested in Walsh Creative’s services to design your recruitment website, call us for a free quote at 732-397-5697.  Visit to see for yourself how easy recruiting for your company can be with the perfect website design.