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Category Archives: Client Testimonials

Clients Talk: Delaware Business Now

This testimonial was written by Douglas Rainey of Delaware Business Now -  "If you have a year or two of experience in running a news-based website,  Walsh Creative is the right choice. My website, has a history going back seven years, but only became a serious enterprise in 2013 when a  hyperlocal publisher built a…
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Clients Talk: The Elmhurst Titan on Walsh Creative

When you hire a professional to build your website, you can't help but wonder a few things: How will they respond when I ask stupid questions? How will they react if I need something urgently? Will they take my wishes and needs seriously, or just wield their expertise as a way to steamroll me? Fortunately,…
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Testimonial – Now Habersham

Now Habersham - It isn’t often when affordable meets awesome but with Walsh Creative, it does. I happened upon David and his team through a mutual business acquaintance. He came highly recommended. We were in the midst of an emergency and after numerous failed attempts by four other developers to correct the problem I decided…
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Village Green Talks about Walsh Creative

See what our clients have to say Testimonial - The Village Green Village Green recommends Walsh Creative.David Walsh and his team at Walsh Creative provide us with the combination of personal attention and affordable service that is critical for the success of a small mom-and-pop (or, in our case, mom-and-mom) startup. We also like that…
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Testimonial – Jay Senter of Shawnee Mission Post

Client Testimonial with Jay Senter of Shawnee Mission Post (formerly As a hyperlocal publisher, I have to wear a lot of hats — but one I was never comfortable wearing was Wordpress developer. Once the site became my full time job, I realized we needed professionals who really knew what they were doing to ensure…
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See what our clients have to say:

We know that basing your decision to use a company for services can not be solely done on our word alone.  Actual client testimony can really give you a better idea of how a company is run and how they work with clients to complete a job.  Hearing about others’ experiences (especially others within the…
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