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Category Archives: Subscriptions and Revenue

How to Monetize Email Newsletters

Email isn’t the newest marketing channel on the block, but when it comes to audience engagement and monetization, it still remains king. Ninety-three percent of publishing and media firms now use email marketing, with many looking for new ways to monetize email newsletters for an additional stream of revenue. Email-first publishers like TheSkimm are generating…
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3 Email Newsletter Best Practices for Publishers

The email newsletter has been around for years and is often a publisher’s largest revenue stream. It is amazing to see the evolution of the email newsletter- how designs changed over the years, how strategies have become more complex and more importantly how brands use it to communicate with their subscribers.  If you want to…
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Online Fundraising: Beginner’s Guide for Publishers

Many online organizations have loyal users that return to their site for upcoming events, latest news and more. If you are offering readers something that will help them every day over a long period of time, there’s a chance they won’t mind throwing you a few dollars every now and again. This is why you…
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How To Increase Email Subscriptions

As an online publisher, growing an email list is one of the best tactics you can use for online success. Whether you’re trying to sell memberships, or promote local news email sign-ups can bring incredible results. Building an email list can seem like a daunting task. If you’ve never set up an email list, this…
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Facebook Instant Articles for Publishers

What are Instant Articles? Instant Articles is a mobile feature from Facebook that allows publishers to create Facebook-native content that loads quickly and is given preference on their social network. Instant Articles allows publishers to post more than one article inside of a post, which sort of acts like an email newsletter. It also works…
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4 ways to use social media to build your email subscriptions

Building up your email list is one of the most effective things you can do for your online business. In seconds, hundreds, or even thousands of people can receive your messages and news in their inboxes. Social media is a great tool for this specific task – and there is no reason why you shouldn’t…
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Email Marketing Is More Alive Than Ever

Email subscribers are central to building a successful online business. In 2015, The Direct Marketing Association’s Response Rate Report found that email campaigns conducted with house lists achieved an ROI of 30% to 32%, compared with 15% to 17% from social media, and 18% to 20% for direct mail using house lists.  Email marketing remains…
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How To Encourage Charitable Giving On Your Hyperlocal Website

Online fundraising is at an all-time high. It has become an effective way for nonprofits and other organizations to earn money. To make the most of your online charitable campaign, you want donating to be as easy as possible. To successfully fundraise online, nonprofits must create an online donation campaign that meets the needs of…
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