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Category Archives: Digital Publishing Trends

Learn more about your users by using Heat Maps

If you want to know why your website is or is not performing, ask your Walsh Creative team to start conducting usability tests. A/B tests are great for content, but when it comes to seeing how users engage with your website, online heat map tracking tools can make all the difference. Google Analytics is, of…
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What Publishers Could Be Doing For Online Success

Online publishers are continuously looking for opportunities to increase their loyal readership and of course, generate more revenue. Crafting a strategy for growing and maintaining a hyperlocal news website is not easy so we have listed a few things that you could be doing to increase your online business. Change is good Attracting visitors to…
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How To Encourage Charitable Giving On Your Hyperlocal Website

Online fundraising is at an all-time high. It has become an effective way for nonprofits and other organizations to earn money. To make the most of your online charitable campaign, you want donating to be as easy as possible. To successfully fundraise online, nonprofits must create an online donation campaign that meets the needs of…
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