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Category Archives: Content SEO

Get optimized for Google News

What is Google News? Google News aggregates headlines from many news sources (like your website if it is optimized correctly), groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests on their Google News dashboard. Google News generates 6 billion clicks each month. Imagine if you could receive a small slice of…
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Back to the Basics: Using keywords in your articles

 1. In the title (H1) Your targeted keyword is the keyword phrase you are hoping to get ranked on in your post. That’s why it should always be in the title of your post. Always make you are using the exact phrase you want to rank for because if you use a different variation it…
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Improve your SEO with Title Tags

What is a title tag? Title tags are used to describe the contents of a page on your website to the search engines and users. The title tag is normally displayed at the top of the browser window and is considered as one of the most important SEO tags for any site. Improve SEO If…
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Long Tail Keywords and Ranking in Search Results

With SEO techniques changing more rapidly than ever, Walsh Creative focuses on staying up-to-date on different trends and techniques in the industry. In our recent discoveries, we have proven that it is much easier to rank for long tail keywords than for shorter and more common keywords. What are long tail keywords? Long tail keywords…
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