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Category Archives: Audience Development

Attention Publishers: Are you using Instant Articles?

Did you know that over one billion times a day people will visit Facebook to check out what's happening around them? Most of what they are viewing is being shared by their friends, family and local communities. Today, most people are viewing content on mobile devices. For publishers to reach them profitably, they must focus…
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Metrics for Publisher

Believe it or not, many publishers monitor all the wrong metrics, and of course, there’s a considerable number of them. In this post you will find out the importance of a few specific metrics that you can use as a way to monitor the performance and success of your web and email activity, allowing you…
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Online Fundraising: Beginner’s Guide for Publishers

Many online organizations have loyal users that return to their site for upcoming events, latest news and more. If you are offering readers something that will help them every day over a long period of time, there’s a chance they won’t mind throwing you a few dollars every now and again. This is why you…
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How To Increase Email Subscriptions

As an online publisher, growing an email list is one of the best tactics you can use for online success. Whether you’re trying to sell memberships, or promote local news email sign-ups can bring incredible results. Building an email list can seem like a daunting task. If you’ve never set up an email list, this…
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Audience development for publishers

Audience development is a top business priority for online publishers. But what exactly is audience development? Audience development is the strategies used to build an online audience. We start by attracting website visitors through search, then, a smaller number of those who we attract we will be able to capture their email addresses. We will…
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Facebook Instant Articles for Publishers

What are Instant Articles? Instant Articles is a mobile feature from Facebook that allows publishers to create Facebook-native content that loads quickly and is given preference on their social network. Instant Articles allows publishers to post more than one article inside of a post, which sort of acts like an email newsletter. It also works…
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Learn more about your users by using Heat Maps

If you want to know why your website is or is not performing, ask your Walsh Creative team to start conducting usability tests. A/B tests are great for content, but when it comes to seeing how users engage with your website, online heat map tracking tools can make all the difference. Google Analytics is, of…
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Get optimized for Google News

What is Google News? Google News aggregates headlines from many news sources (like your website if it is optimized correctly), groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests on their Google News dashboard. Google News generates 6 billion clicks each month. Imagine if you could receive a small slice of…
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4 Goals for Publishers

Attract new readers with free, high-quality and Google-friendly content Your success in achieving this goal is measured with a metric we call your Google Visibility Index, which can be as low as 0 and as high as 100. This is the percentage of keywords you are currently being ranked for, versus the number you are…
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