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How to Monetize Email Newsletters

Email isn’t the newest marketing channel on the block, but when it comes to audience engagement and monetization, it still remains king. Ninety-three percent of publishing and media firms now use email marketing, with many looking for new ways to monetize email newsletters for an additional stream of revenue. Email-first publishers like TheSkimm are generating…
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Top WordPress Plugins for Publishers

Quality journalism brings readers to independent news websites, but the technology behind the scenes is what keeps top publishers in business. As the most popular content management system in the world, WordPress powers more than 75 million sites, from personal blogs to major news outlets. Successful publishers have taken the platform a step further by adding…
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Attention Publishers: Are you using Instant Articles?

Did you know that over one billion times a day people will visit Facebook to check out what's happening around them? Most of what they are viewing is being shared by their friends, family and local communities. Today, most people are viewing content on mobile devices. For publishers to reach them profitably, they must focus…
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3 Email Newsletter Best Practices for Publishers

The email newsletter has been around for years and is often a publisher’s largest revenue stream. It is amazing to see the evolution of the email newsletter- how designs changed over the years, how strategies have become more complex and more importantly how brands use it to communicate with their subscribers.  If you want to…
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Metrics for Publisher

Believe it or not, many publishers monitor all the wrong metrics, and of course, there’s a considerable number of them. In this post you will find out the importance of a few specific metrics that you can use as a way to monitor the performance and success of your web and email activity, allowing you…
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Online Fundraising: Beginner’s Guide for Publishers

Many online organizations have loyal users that return to their site for upcoming events, latest news and more. If you are offering readers something that will help them every day over a long period of time, there’s a chance they won’t mind throwing you a few dollars every now and again. This is why you…
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How To Increase Email Subscriptions

As an online publisher, growing an email list is one of the best tactics you can use for online success. Whether you’re trying to sell memberships, or promote local news email sign-ups can bring incredible results. Building an email list can seem like a daunting task. If you’ve never set up an email list, this…
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Audience development for publishers

Audience development is a top business priority for online publishers. But what exactly is audience development? Audience development is the strategies used to build an online audience. We start by attracting website visitors through search, then, a smaller number of those who we attract we will be able to capture their email addresses. We will…
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Paywalls for Publishers

How much are you willing to give away for free? How will you benefit from giving content away at no cost? Paywalls are not just a sign-up form and a payment gateway. A paywall system allows you to limit access to your content until the user has paid for it. It is a great choice…
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