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Audience development for publishers

Audience development for publishers

Audience Development for Publishers

Audience development is a top business priority for online publishers. But what exactly is audience development?

Audience development is the strategies used to build an online audience. We start by attracting website visitors through search, then, a smaller number of those who we attract we will be able to capture their email addresses. We will then engage a smaller number of those captured subscribers with great content in order to keep them happy, and then make money doing so by monetizing the relationship and turning those engaged email subscribers into buyers. For those who are still building a loyal following and building online traffic, it’s essential to couple your content with audience development best practices.

The best way to drive traffic to your website is to consistently create inspiring and original content. We live in an age where there are endless choices for consumers online, you need to be assertive and creative when convincing new traffic to come your way. Engaging with your audience should be your number one priority aside from generating new content. The obvious way to do this is via social media like Facebook and Twitter, but don’t make the mistake of just thinking of these channels as one way. To build a community you need to do much more than pushing your content out; you need to interact with your followers. Respond to all tweets and posts, personally thank new followers, and follow them back. Ask them what they want to see in your content with a Facebook poll or survey. Many will be delighted to provide you insights into what they want to read. The more time you invest in your audience, the more time they’ll invest in your brand.

It is clear that social media is an important part of the audience development cycle that publishers can benefit from when using it correctly.

Are you a publisher striving to enhance your audience development strategy? If so, contact your professionals at Walsh Creative. We’ve helped dozens of publishers develop an audience development strategy that’s led to more website traffic, more users and more revenue.