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Attention Publishers: Are you using Instant Articles?

Attention Publishers: Are you using Instant Articles?

using instant articles

Did you know that over one billion times a day people will visit Facebook to check out what's happening around them? Most of what they are viewing is being shared by their friends, family and local communities.

Today, most people are viewing content on mobile devices. For publishers to reach them profitably, they must focus on a mobile strategy that maximizes engagement over the long term.

One big issue that Facebook faces is that some articles are not fully optimized for mobile causing slow loading times and redirects. As an online publisher who uses Facebook, this is a huge deal. If you’re trying to convince somebody that your articles are worth their time, you don’t want slow loading times to get in their way. This is why Facebook created Instant Articles, a new way for publishers to create fast interactive articles for their audience on Facebook. As a publisher, using Instant Articles is undoubtedly beneficial to your online business.

When an Instant Article gets shared on Facebook, that shared link will direct back to the original publisher’s article on its website and not the Facebook content the user is currently reading, so the publisher will still get Facebook shares and referral links. Plus, Facebook claims that creating a better user experience will, in turn, create more engagement that could lead to more sharing and more referral traffic on top of the new views that come via Instant Articles. For publishers who want to create a great mobile experience for their Facebook audiences, Instant Articles provides superior usability and increased audience reach.

How to set up Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress?

To start, you can install the Instant Articles for WP plugin on your WordPress site by clicking here. You can either download the plugin and install it manually or you can install it from your WordPress Dashboard.

After installing and activating the plugin, you have to customize and set the plugin up. You’ll have to log in with your Facebook Developers App ID to connect your plugin to the Facebook Page you’ll use to publish your Instant Articles. This is where your WordPress experts at Walsh Creative come in. There are plenty of ways to add code to your WordPress website and we know the best ways.

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