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New Responsive Website for Alpha School

New Responsive Website for Alpha School


Having a non-responsive, difficult-to-update website can be a timely mess for businesses that need to focus their efforts into the business itself rather than technical website issues.   In the case of our latest website project for the Alpha School in Jackson, NJ, their website was already functioning very well, but it was not without problems.  The original site was not responsive which means viewing it on a tablet or smartphone was difficult.  Also, when any changes needed to be made it was very difficult due to the HTML format originally used.  A lot of times, a professional developer would have been needed to make any changes.  Finding and hiring an outside developer can lead to more time and money spent on a project that could be easily fixed with a few minor adjustments.

We took the opportunity to switch the Alpha School’s website to a responsive WordPress format which can be updated and changed through a visual editor.  The editor is quite similar to using Microsoft Word, which is one of the most user friendly programs available.  Once the website was reformatted, it could easily be viewed on any device.  Any person looking at the website on a PC from a user standpoint will not notice any changes, but the people viewing on a tablet or smartphone will now have a much better view of what the Alpha School has to offer.  Behind the scenes, maintaining the site will be much easier as well.  The employees in charge of site maintenance will experience a world of change in the time they need to spend on the site itself.

Not all websites need to have a complete overhaul when they are presented to us at Walsh Creative.  However, in some cases these appealing websites are not interactive or responsive.  They are also hard to change or update by the original developer – usually an employee of the business who while having knowledge in website design may not have the time to delve into troubles the site may be having once it goes live.

Your website should be a place to showcase and enhance your business, not a time-consuming mess.  If you love the look of your site, but want it to be a responsive site that’s easier to update and adjust, contact us at Walsh Creative at 732-397-5697 for a quote.