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Learn more about your users by using Heat Maps

Learn more about your users by using Heat Maps

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If you want to know why your website is or is not performing, ask your Walsh Creative team to start conducting usability tests. A/B tests are great for content, but when it comes to seeing how users engage with your website, online heat map tracking tools can make all the difference.

Google Analytics is, of course, a resource for testing your content, but the difference between Google Analytics and heat map software is that heat map and click tracking software is based on coordinates. Google Analytics tracks clicks on a per-URL basis.This means you might have a “download this report” link to your Rapid Conversion Landing Page within a button on the page. Google Analytics groups the results together in its report, rather than seeing them as two different entry points. Besides that, heat maps are just cool. You can uUnderstand what users want, care about and interact with on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior. For instance, you could setup a heat map on your blog page to see where people are moving and scrolling and get a recording to actually watch them do it.


Whether you approach things from a “conversion” or “growth” viewpoint, the need to optimize for the user and your organization is vital. It all has to do with user interface, user experience, and design:

  • What barriers exist on my site and how can I eliminate them?
  • What’s driving people to convert? Is it a piece of content, an opt-in?
  • Are visitors ignoring my call to action? Do they even see it?
  • Should we wait 30 sec. instead of 15 sec. for the entry popup to display because most users are just closing it right away?
  • Why do we lose visitors so late in the subscriptions process?
  • What’s the reason(s) why “Landing Page A” converts 20% better than “Landing Page B”?

So you might be wondering where you can get one of these handy-dandy heat map tracking tools? Your answer is Walsh Creative!

If you want to start using heat map recordings to optimize your site for growth and get to know your users, contact us today.

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