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3 reasons you should be using Google Analytics

3 reasons you should be using Google Analytics


How many times did you create a campaign and didn't track it? How many times have you thought about what your website users were thinking? How do you know if the changes you made to your website or campaigns are working?

Google Analytics is the best digital marketing tool to track all of your website data. It allows you to measure precise results in real-time so you can analyze the data and make important decisions on whether your campaigns are benefiting your company. Google Analytics can help you determine if you are meeting goals, correctly connecting with users, and can overall help you make your marketing strategies receive higher returns.

Here are 3 reasons you should be using Google Analytics today:

Analytics tracks how people use your website.

Analytics tells you where your visitors are coming from, which pages on your site they are landing on and how much time they spend on it. This information can help you take advantage of these specific traffic origins and optimize the pages your users are landing on.

Analytics tells you where your website needs improvement.

Each page on your website contributes to your ultimate goal: attracting new users. Analytics can tell you how well each page contributes to your lead acquisition and which pages need optimization. If an important page is only getting a small amount of traffic, you may want to reconsider the content or layout of that specific page to make it more user-friendly. If people are only spending a few seconds on the page, maybe you need to work on your copy, add a few pictures, or have the page designed for higher results. By tracking your website’s activity, you are able to improve your results and create more business.

Analytics is FREE

The data in Google analytics is extremely important to look at and if you don’t you could be missing out on very valuable website tweaks that you could be making to increase the efficiency of your website! Google Analytics will provide you with:

  • Campaign Measurement
  • Adwords Integration
  • Multi-Channel Reporting
  • Social, Mobile & Video Reporting  
  • Conversion Reporting
  • Mobile Device & App Tracking
  • Video Performance Measurement
  • Custom Reporting
  • Real-Time Data

Integrating Google Analytics will help you to gain even more from your website investment. Contact your professionals at Walsh Creative today to help you get started.