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Email Marketing Is More Alive Than Ever

Email Marketing Is More Alive Than Ever

Email Marketing

Email subscribers are central to building a successful online business. In 2015, The Direct Marketing Association’s Response Rate Report found that email campaigns conducted with house lists achieved an ROI of 30% to 32%, compared with 15% to 17% from social media, and 18% to 20% for direct mail using house lists.  Email marketing remains one of the strongest forms of direct marketing.

One big contributing factor to success behind email marketing is the fact that people are engaging through their mobile devices in addition to their computers. According to the Consumer Digital Usage and Behavior Study, conducted by Adestra, “84% of smartphone users use their phone to send and receive personal email, and 34% use it for business email. For 24% of smartphone users, email is the first thing they check on their phone when waking up in the morning.”

In today's world, technology on both sides are helping to keep email popular amongst businesses and users. More email service providers like MailChimp or Constant Contact offer marketers help by creating segments, targets, and designs throughout multiple devices easily and efficiently.

Another big contributing factor to the success of email marketing is that it is a medium being used by all generations, including young consumers. One of the biggest surprises that came out of Adestra’s 2016 survey that was about the younger generations. Seventy-three per cent of respondents aged 14 to 18 said that email is a part of their everyday lives, with 68% preferring email over texting and apps as a method of receiving commercial messages. Teens aren’t dismissing email because they think it isn’t cool anymore. In fact, it could be said that they’re better at looking at the channel than a lot of marketers.

Could your email marketing strategy use attention?

If you’re publishing great, free daily content and sharing it with your email subscribers, they will stay subscribed. Daily email newsletters have much higher email retention rates than less consistent emails. As a member of our Web Publisher Pro program, Walsh Creative will take a deep dive into your email marketing strategy and assist you in creating successful email marketing campaigns. 

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