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10 Necessary elements of a great website

10 Necessary elements of a great website


When you think of all your favorite websites, what about them do you find particularly great? Of course, each website is unique in itself depending on its owner and the information it is designed to share. However, there are 10 things that all great websites have that should be incorporated into your own site to make it great, too.

1. Responsive Design – If your website does not have a responsive design, you might want to stop reading this post right now and call us immediately. Having a mobile-ready site is probably the most important thing you can change considering most of today’s web users are browsing on some sort of mobile device.

2. CMS (Content Management System) – Having a content management system in place that is user friendly for all levels is important. Walsh Creative builds all of our websites in WordPress which is the most robust platform available with endless possibilities and gives even a novice user the ability to add/edit content easily as if they are editing a word document.

3. Navigation – You want your site to be easily navigated on any device. Users should be able to find whatever they are looking for with ease.

4. Engaging Content – Think of who will be searching and reading your site’s content. Write as much information as possible while keeping your readers engaged. Show that you value your customers and want to inspire their interest in your products or services.

5. Relevant Visuals and Beautiful Graphics / Great Photos – If you have been on the fence about whether or not it is worth hiring a professional photographer, it is. Using professional photographs really makes a difference in the appeal of a website.

6. Call-To-Action (email list signups, promos) – Sending out a newsletter will help remind customers of your presence. Offering giveaways or other promos can keep readers interested in your business as well.

7. Forms – Contact forms increase conversions. Readers like to know they can get in touch with you if they need an answer. The key to having forms is to respond timely to each one.

8. Contact Information, Business Hours, Google Map for Directions – Make it easy for your visitors to find you especially if they are on mobile and trying to drive to your location.

9. Blog – Your blog is going to be your lifeline in creating new content and climbing up the organic search rankings. A lot of businesses overlook blogging because they assume no one will read it. A blog will give you fresh content on your website and give you content to share through social media. Interested visitors can learn more about your company, related interests, and local news. Google’s bots will crawl your blog and return your site if your content is relevant to what people are searching for.

10. Testimonials – Readers want to know what others think of your company. Having a page with some of your clients’ reviews can help in the decision making process of new customers who may be considering your business for an upcoming project.

Along with your business’s personal touches, Walsh Creative can build your website using these 10 design elements to help your business flourish online. To get started on your business’s new website, give us a call at our Tinton Falls location at 732-397-5697.